We provide impartial, accurate legal surveys and setting-out, adapted to your particular requirements, ranging from boundary disputes to conveyancing plans. We have supplied such surveys for a variety of private and commercial clients.

We can apply our full range of skills, from setting-out of unmarked boundaries using GNSS, to surveying fences and surrounding details with our total stations and performing measured building surveys.

Case study: Boundary dispute

We were instructed to set out a disputed boundary between council land and a private landowner. The dispute was resolved by a court order establishing the location of the boundary as being a line on a particular drawing. Using our CAD system in conjunction with existing topographic survey of the site, we digitised this line into a series of coordinates for setting-out. Onsite, we calibrated our GNSS equipment to the site’s control grid and proceeded to set out the boundary, observed by both parties to the dispute.