Accurately knowing the location of on-site utilities is critical for many projects. They must be located to allow construction operations such as piling, excavations, and groundworks to avoid them.

Our utility surveys give you the vital information required to avoid the disruption and expense of a utility strike.

Working under PAS 128, the specification produced by the BSI for utility surveys, our highly trained staff provide a wide variety of services.

• Statutory records searches to quality level D
• Site reconnaissance to quality level C
• Detection and mapping, to quality level B2 as a baseline

Services including water, gas and electricity, telecommunication and communications cable systems, oil and fuel pipelines, drains, sewers and culverts, duct and tunnel systems can all potentially be located by GPR or electromagnetic location (EML).


We use pipe and duct rodding systems, the Radiodetection RD8000 EML system, as well as ground penetrating radar (GPR) and the Reduct Ductrunner gyroscopic system to locate underground utilities.

For areas of particular interest, a high-density, post-processed GPR grid survey in concert with EML can locate utilities to PAS 128 QL/B1P.

As a final deliverable, we produce high quality, comprehensive plans using CAD software showing all utilities found. Utility data can be shown on a drawing supplied by the client, or on our own topographic survey. Reports can be produced on request.

We also can provide more specialised surveys of utilities deeper than the PAS 128 specification, including sewer line-and-level and condition surveys. See the Confined Space Working page for details.