We are able to provide monitoring services precisely tailored to the structure or project – either integrating an existing scheme or setting up a new one. We monitor across all time periods, from annual settlement monitoring to hourly monitoring of structural steel during works. All our monitoring is performed to the highest accuracy, with sub-millimetre digital levels and one-second accuracy total-stations, and are designed to allow as much redundancy as possible – important for precision.


Case study: Beachley Viaduct/Wye Bridge rocker arm replacement

The Beachley Viaduct and Wye Bridge form part of the original Severn Bridge. In early 2013 the rocker arms joining the two structures, which dated back to the 1960s, were due for replacement – a job that would require closure of the bridge over a full weekend and round-the-clock working.

As both structures are made of steel, which expands and contracts significantly with changes in temperature, accurate monitoring of the structures was essential to allow the rocker arm replacement work to be completed safely and on time.

Working with the bridge maintenance contractors, we implemented a scheme that, at hourly intervals, would monitor multiple points on each structure using a high-accuracy total station and the temperature of both the steel and air.

Via our surveyors this information was immediately made available to the civil engineer on site, allowing him to take well-informed decisions and resulting in the work being completed in a timely fashion.